The Tony Awards 07 (a bit late, but well…)

Over the year I get to try a lot of software in the digital imaging and related computer area. Some is good and somenerd.png unashamedly awful.
I felt like having a small ceremony to give an award of no value whatsoever as a way of celebrating the best and worst in a few simple categories.
So here as follows:
The Most Useful Piece of RAW Processing Software
And the winner is….

Perfectly Clear. Still in pre-alpha, but so easy to use, you’ll be suspicious! Images are corrected as you load them in, to the point where you will need to do very little to finalise them.
Runners-up include Bibble and DxOptics Pro. Huge power, huge functionality. However the latter two are software for the photographer with a mainframe…
The most useful Windows utility
NOD32 antivirus. The best just got better. Version 3 has just been released. Since I installed it, scans using a variety of different products have revealed no evidence of nasties.. and it doesn’t hog your system, unlike a certain other favourite snorton brand. Sure, it costs a little (around $NZ 70p.a), but you get what you pay for.

The most useful and badly-named piece of software

1st equal here.

PCdecrapifier. No, I am not winding you up! It gets rid of unnnecessary installation leftovers…


Superantispyware. Sounds like it should be shaken, not stirred, but it good, damned good

And they are both free.

Best support from a software company

Photodex (Proshow series). Replies within minutes. amazing!

And now for the turkeys (I haven’t included any links here: I don’t want to be blamed):
Most badly-engineered piece of software
Paintshop Pro X2. IThe demo installed so badly (actually it never completed), it took two system restores to clear it. and some heavy duty uninstallation software. Actually I am still trying to eradicate it. Like didymo for computers…
Worst support from a software company
First-equal here):
Nuance ( Dragon Naturally Speaking)



or charging you to log a support request.
Shouldn’t support be built-into the cost of software? Even Microsoft don’t do that!
And finally…
Software Most Guaranteed to Bamboozle a Beginner
A clear winner here.
Photoshop, in all its incarnations. It stays true to its roots and its original interface and continues to put money in the pockets of people who have mastered it (a relative term) and want to make a living teaching it.
So many of my students have expressed utter confusion at how to use it, it had to be the winner.

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