Linkfest Vol.1. From my bookmarks…

ralphbloodylaurenagainKia ora tatou:

Probably because I spend too much time surfing ( and I am easily bored), I have a surfeit of sites to offer you, some useful, some interesting. Some not.

Check this lot out. Or not.

  1. PhotoShop Disasters. If it is commercial and awful, you will probably find it here( see header pic). If I ever meet anyone who looks that genetically-engineered, I will know our species is on its last legs. Or the mother ship is close by…
  2. American Radio Works. This is a serious site with truly in-depth articles for those of you with the time to listen and think. As an example, try this article on global warming.
  3. This is a photography site. Most of the time. But what happens after photography? You might want to look here.
  4. Those of you who shoot buildings or who need to correct keystoning might like to have a look at this article, which shows how to use CSx to deal with it. Recommended.
  5. Lomography. I f you have no idea what the word means, start here. This site definitely NOT recommended for those of you  who exhibit “symptoms of abnormal, excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain”. The good news is that the gear is NOT expensive. Of course you use film…..


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