Digital Post-Production Masterclass, May, Rotorua

Dates: Rotorua: May 4-5, 2011
Venue: TBA

This two day workshop is for people who are already competent users of Photoshop (CSx) and have some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Workshop will initially focus on ways in which the two applications work together.   A core component of the workshop will be developing a digital asset management plan.  Issues to be covered will include:

  • Digital asset management
  • Strategies to backup, archive and retrieve stored files
  • The importance of keywording and keyword sets
  • Hardware issues, including storage and retrieval
  • Maintaining your computer in optimum condition

The remainder of the workshop will focus on advanced techniques including:

  • Sharpening and creative sharpening (global, local, edge, mid-tone, and high pass) and ways to apply these creatively. The subtext will be the philosophy of sharpening, including how we perceive sharpness and how to apply this intelligently to an image.
  • How to obtain the maximum possible resolution from an image, and the difference a tripod can make, including how to analyse an MTF curve, why you never want to shoot above f8, and how to avoid the “Valley of Death”.
  • How to extend depth-of-field in a photograph without encountering lens diffraction
  • HDR-how to use it intelligently and realistically; how to shoot and post-produce it.
  • Creative use of layers and layer masking
  • Noise reduction techniques and their intelligent use
  • Using plug-ins to extend the creative potential of Photoshop
  • The importance of the .dng format

Workshop participants will need their own copies of Lightroom and Photoshop CSx, camera equipment and a desktop or laptop.

Limited to 12 places.

For further information and to reserve a place please contact:
Jenny Couldrey

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