About me




I am a digital artist, professional photographer, photo-educator, speaker, published author and photographic columnist, along with being one of New Zealand’s leading landscape photographers. I am a graduate of Canterbury University, New Zealand, and a fellow of the New Zealand Photographic Society. I hold a Diploma in Professional Photography with Distinction. I have variously been a teacher, curriculum developer for the New Zealand government, software tester and Kodak Professional Mentor.

I am currently supported by Fujifilm, Thinktank camera bags and various photographic software companies, including OnOne, Oloneo, Athentech and Picturecode. These days I divide my time between writing, publishing, exhibiting, professional photography commissions, guiding visitors to Aotearoa/New Zealand and teaching photographic workshops.

My personal work draws heavily upon my Maori and European heritage and my on-going studies into a broad range of spiritual and mystical traditions. I also draw heavily upon a degree in foreign languages and literature.

It seems to me, that the digital process is limited only by our imagination, our knowledge of self, and our willingness to give it free rein. For me, capture is only the beginning. It is in post-production that I can truly recognise my vision in a form which I can share with others. The tools now available enable me to move between the documentary tradition of photography and the expressive potential of mark-making with a camera and computer. I am now able to make work that lives in a space between photography and painting and, in doing so, mile-mark my own journey.



There are things I treasure. I love standing barefoot on wet grass at dawn, feeling the wind and listening to the first song of birds.

I love to sit with a glass of pinot gris in the evening and watch the last blush of the day.

Fly fishing is a passion, however, finding the time to do it is an issue.

I love sitting with friends and learning about their lives and their journey. I love the mystery of cooking food for friends and relations.

Every day is a glittering opportunity to learn and to grow.



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