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Tena koe.
Welcome to the journal section of the website.
Here you will find news about what is happening in my photographic world,
From time to time I post essays and thoughts on photography, along with trends in the industry and the medium, as I see them.
I also share my image-making process here, from conception to completion.
These are my own thoughts, and your opinions are welcome.
Very welcome.

Workshop Updates

Kia ora tatou: Just a reminder of the one-day seminars in January. There are still a few places left, so if you want a break from festive season excess and to give your eye, camera and brain a workout, sign up. The 3 courses dovetail, building upon each other. Workshop One is devoted to the […]

Upcoming Seminars

Kia ora tatou: A number of people have mentioned to me that they would like to spend some time brushing up on their technique and getting to grips with digital photography (or just building on what they already know). For that reason, and since I will be in Christchurch most weekends this January working on […]

An inconvenient truth-why you need to see it

Kia ora tatou: Last weekend, I went to see Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth. I am still somewhat in shock after seeing a potential future for the planet, our planet, laid out so graphically and chillingly. I spent a couple of days trying to find the flaws in it. I want to see the […]

Alex Speaks

Alex (16, and new to photography) wanted to post this image and make his own statement about it. He would appreciate your comments. Personally I do not believe in God, but after taking a picture like this I can’t help believing God exists. When we reached the top of the hill and had a look […]

Micro-exhibition-a requiem to the Lammermoors

Tawhirimatea kept his promise, and he continues to do so to this day. Sometimes he is content to listen to advice from his parents and forgive his siblings. On those days the weather is fine, clear, and calm. But sometimes he is reminded of the pain his parents endured when they were separated and the […]

What the Duck????

Kia ora tatou: After the drudgery of workaday tidal waves and reading my heavy-duty posts, may I present: What the Duck, a series of comic strips for photographers. Artist Aaron Johnson describes WTD as coming about as a blog filler, and says it has since continued at the demand of tens of people. Whatever. Check […]

Freeman Down Under 2007

Kia ora tatou: If any of you missed the Freeman workshops last April, well there is good news and bad news. The good news is that he is coming back to do 2 workshops on February –March next year. The bad news is that it is in Martinborough, one of the country’s finest wine-growing regions, […]

Digital Intensive Workshop

Kia Ora tatou: Last week’s Okuru workshop was full-on, rained out and a lot of fun. When it rains down here, it doesn’t muck about( although there is usually a lot of muck about)! The group produced amazing images, given the circumstances. Actually they produced amazing images period! I am in the process of building […]


Kia ora tatou: The portrait is one of the oldest genres in photography. You may be interested to know that, while recording the landscape was the reason photography came into being as a technology, the portrait was the economic engine that drove its development. When people realised that they no longer had to find a […]


Kia ora tatou: I want to share a story. A few years ago I did a workshop in portraiture. Among the students was this guy called Garry. He got right into it and made some good images. Over the next year or two he worked through my classes, getting better all the time. I remember […]

Like rats’ feet inside the head

Kia ora tatou: Every so often we need to feed our idea bank, to take fresh look at what we are doing, to put our picture-making concepts under the microscope. Books are a great way to do this. Some are old friends; they reinforce the path we are taking or add to our knowledge. Others […]

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