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Tena koe.
Welcome to the journal section of the website.
Here you will find news about what is happening in my photographic world,
From time to time I post essays and thoughts on photography, along with trends in the industry and the medium, as I see them.
I also share my image-making process here, from conception to completion.
These are my own thoughts, and your opinions are welcome.
Very welcome.

Dear Mr. God

Kia ora tatou: It is that time of the year again ( isn’t it always?).With Christmas on us, the insane rush to shut New Zealand for a few days will see people buying as if the shops will be shut forever, and tradesmen working 28-hour days to complete work for clients ( you want it […]

The Happy Face of Christmas…NOT

Kia ora tatou: Continuing the theme of Christmas on the Ezine… Garry sent in this image, shot at the Christchurch Santa Parade on 2 Dec. This guy is really enjoying himself….. Somehow this image brings a few words to mind… Every Who Down in Who-ville Liked Christmas a lot… But the Grinch, Who lived just […]

So Santa really does exist…

Kia ora tatou: I will shortly remove the Your Images page. There are a number of treasons for this (no, not a typo!): I am about to (hopefully) replace it with a dialogue, along the lines of Letter to Marthinus Leaving the images in the main body of the post allows you to make comments […]

Lammermoor windfarm-the commissioners reach their decision

Kia ora tatou: The news will be out soon enough, but for those of you interested, the commissioners have reached a decision on the Lammermoor windfarm project . It will go ahead. No doubt there will be appeals. Those of you interested can find out more here or ,if willing to wade through the paperwork, […]

Critical Mass…

Kia ora tatou: As some of you know, I am a (woefully inactive) member of Greenpeace, and do what I can ( not enough, really), to support them and what they stand for. I received this email newsletter inviting me to participate on their new website and invite all my friends and family to participate. […]

Mother Theresa- a crisis of faith

O happy soul, whose body has risen from the Earth which you wander and tread on during your sojourn in this world. Made to be the very mirror of Divinity, you have been crowned with divine imagination and intelligence. –Hildegard of Bingen Kia ora tatou: In the space of three days, three people who barely […]

Avaaz- an opportunity to make a difference?

Kia ora tatou: It has been some time since I posted on the subject of the environment, a subject about which I am passionate and not a little concerned. I guess my artist’s statement, a text I revisit from time to time, which is still the source code for my work, sums it up for […]


 Kia ora tatou I have been in training. After a lifetime of being owned by cats, I am free now. I do not have to come at their beck and call. For all their larger-than-life personalities and unique character traits (Beastly was just that, a cunning tormenter of the local dogs, especially smaller ones ,and […]

About face…on the road to the Lammermoors

  In December I wrote a post decrying the proposed windfarm on the Lammermoors above Ranfurly. I talked of the visual pollution that would result from erecting 170+ wind turbines in a place that is relatively visually pristine. I commented on the need to clutter the landscape with windfarms, when other measures, such as active […]

Creation hymn-new beginnings

Ko Te Kore (the void, energy, nothingness, potential) Te Kore-te-whiwhia (the void in which nothing is possessed) Te Kore-te-rawea (the void in which nothing is felt) Te Kore-i-ai (the void with nothing in union) Te Kore-te-wiwia (the space without boundaries)Na Te Kore Te Po (from the void the night)Te Po-nui (the great night) Te Po-roa […]

Fun with numbers ( I think)

Kia ora tatou: Not the usual stuff I publish here, but I thought you might find it interesting. I subscribe to a blog called How to Save the World, published by a Canadian scientist, Dave Pollard. It’s often depressing, but never boring. This is a recent post( I hope you have a thing for maths!) […]

Sitka Vol. 2

Kia ora tatou: The Sitka workshop is now a reality. The dates will be July 6-13. You can read about it on the University of South-East Alaska’s website. Because I will be working under the umbrella of the Art department, the workshop will take a creative focus. It is described as: What is the effect […]

Renaissance-New Beginnings

  Ka hinga atu he tete-kura – ka hara-mai he tete-kura. As one fern frond (person) dies – one is born to take its place. -Whakatauki (Maori Proverb) Whaia e koe ki te iti kahurangi; ki te tuohu koe, me maunga teitei Seek the treasure you value most dearly: if you bow your head, let […]


Kia ora tatou: Just advance warning for any of you thinking of a holiday abroad combined with photography. I will be doing at least one workshop for the University of South-East Alaska in Sitka in June/July, the Northern Summer. I will be teaching Creativity,previsualisation and digital skills. Come with me to Alaska, make wonderful photographs, […]

It’s all a reality

Kia ora tatou: If you thought global warming was a myth, have another look. I received this email from Virginia. Enough said! Dear Tony, Part of my heaven has disappeared! Ivory Glacier has gone. It lay couched in its little cirque in a hanging valley, 600 ft above the Stag River inland from Hokitika. Beautiful […]

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