Inner Light Exhibition Retreat August 2014

The shamanVenue: Lake Waikaremoana Motor Camp, Te Urewera National Park, New Zealand 

Dates: 10-16 August 2014

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to take time for your self; time to pause and reflect, to consider your journey, the road behind you and the way ahead and the wonder of your unique and amazing life.

Stepping away from the world and its clamour is a feature of all spiritual traditions, be it in a monastery, on a mountaintop, or simply being close to Nature. And we all need to withdraw from the world from time to time to refresh ourselves. This is a useful and important practice for visual artists striving to speak with their own voice and wishing to have an authentic conversation with their muse, for being in Nature can provide the silence for us to be able to hear the still small voice within us.

As the Buddhist proverb says:

“Stress is two forces moving in opposite directions. Sit still.”

If you are an artist, be it painter, writer, sculptor, photographer or musician, we welcome you to gather for a week of conversation and unity, where we can share ideas and experiences, along with having time to reflect, consider our own journey and hear the stories Te Urewera has to share with us.

At the conclusion of the retreat, we will develop our own response to Te Urewera as part of an exhibition to be held at the RAVE gallery in Rotorua in early 2015, where we will share our work with the wider community.

Each day will bring an opportunity to be with the land and what it has to share, on your own or with your fellow participants. There will be time for journaling, personal reflection and conversation, for sharing and learning. As part of the workshop we will korero (talk) about IO Matua Kore, the ancient Māori spiritual tradition, and the lessons each of us can draw from the teachings of the kaitiaki (guardians). Each of you will receive your own set of kaitiaki cards, to help with your journey here.

There will be plenty of time for one-on-one, should you choose it.

The Place

Lake Waikaremoana lies deep within the Te Urewera National Park, and is the home of the Ngai Tuhoe people, the People of the Mist. It is a place of dense forests, deep, still lakes, of profound silence and mystery, a place of peace with a beautiful healing energy, beyond cell phones and the Internet. Te Urewera calls those whom it will, and shares what each person needs to learn and understand.  It is a deeply wonderful place to experience and use as a source for making your art.

If you are drawn to this workshop, then perhaps you should think about coming.

Whano, whano

Hara mai te toki

Haumie, Hui e

Tai ki e

Nuts and bolts

We limit the workshop to strictly 8 participants, to allow time for discussion, reflection and one-on-one time.

Accommodation will be in the cabins at the Department of Conservation camp at Lake Waikaremoana.

Please bring:

Your personal effects

The tools of your artistic practice

A  journal for writing and reflection



For more details contact the organiser: Jenny Couldrey  or Tony Bridge

You can read more about Lake Waikaremoana here


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