Workshop Overview


Clouds, Lake Pukaki, South Canterbury, New Zealand


Workshop goals

My workshops and seminars have three goals:

  1. To grow you aesthetically
  2. To grow you technically
  3. To send you home with memorable images

Workshop structure

All of my workshops contain the following threads:

  1. A knowledge component. The more we understand about the wider world of photography, the more choices we have for our own direction.
  2. A technical component. Working on our craft is an unending joy and offers us the ability to say more, with greater clarity
  3. A practical component. All workshops contain exercises  designed to challenge you and get you thinking about photography and your own image-making.
  4. An evaluation component.  Learning to study and reflect upon your work in an objective way is crucial to growth as an artist and important, wherever you are on the Artist’s Way.

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